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Matt works out of Bristol and the West Country, he began making images of British culture in latter part of the 80's and has not stopped since.

Educated at North Staffs Poly, London College of Printing, Photographers at Duckspool  and the University of Life; his personal brand of diary documentary work was born out of opposition to mainstream mass media lies about travellers, free parties and festivals, as rave united the people of this country in a massive social phenomenon that provoked Government into legislating against diy entertainment and housing.

Politicised by and involved in the response to that process, he has won awards, been published in magazines and had exhibitions. First published by diy media organisations like Squall and Schnews, as well as The New Statesman, Matt's work charts rave from its origins, through criminalisation, to the internationally successful festival creative industry that we have today.

Much more concerned with the recent social history of his contemporaries than celebrity, he is a founder member of the PYMCA agency.  Matt tracks the tag #MATTKO


  • Lost in Music - The Printspace - Village Underground - London 2015

  • Images From Rolling Stage - The Looking Glass- Bristol 2014

  • RetroPerspective - 30 Images and Storytellling - 1st Bristol Biennale- Bristol 2012

  • Local Landscapes - Images From Land Under Threat - Bristol 2011

  • Streetstyle - The Book Club - Ted Polhemus/PYMCA - London Oct 2010

  • Bristol Through The Lens – Southbank - Bristol - Bristol Festival of Photography 2010

  • Unordinary People - The Royal Albert Hall - PYMCA - London April 2009

  • Artcore - Art from the Rave Generation - Selfridges/Dreweatts - London 2009

  • Portraits Of Adventure - Royal Geographic Society - 60 Years Of Landrover - London 2008

  • Wildstyles - 25 Years of Hip Hop Photography - London 2008

  • Pills, Stills and Bellyaches – 90’s and Noughties Rave Photography - London 2007

  • In Touch - The Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre - Taunton 2005

  • Vandalism - Graffiti, Censorship and Crime - Hereford Photography Festival 2002

  • Digital Media in Communities - Knowle West Media Project - The Watershed, Bristol 2001

  • Beyond Grass Roots - Hereford Photography Festival - Hereford 1997

  • Underground England - The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre - Taunton 1997